12-14 December

de Letras
do Porto
Version, Subversion:

translation, the canon and its discontents -
an international conference on literary translation

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Faculdade de Letras - Universidade do Porto

Keynote Speakers

Theo Hermans

Professor of Dutch and Comparative Literature

He works in translation studies and in modern and Renaissance Dutch literature. His books include: The Structure of Modernist Poetry (1982), (ed.) The Manipulation of Literature (1985), Poëzie van 1920 tot nu (1988), Studies over Nederlandse vertalingen (1991), (ed.) The Flemish Movement (1992), Door eenen engen hals: Nederlandse beschouwingen over vertalen 1550–1670 (1995),Translation in Systems (1999) and the Babel Guide to Dutch and Flemish Fiction in English Translation. The full text of Prof. Hermans'  Inaugural Lecture  "Translation's Other" (1996) can be found here. Prof. Hermans' Lecture 'Translators as Hostages of History'  presented jointly with Ubaldo Stecconi to the Translation Service of the European Commission in Luxembourg and Brussels on 17–18 January 2002, can be found here. For more information also visit his  personal homepage.


Professor David Johnston

Professor of Hispanic Studies

David Johnston submitted his doctorate on Buero Vallejo and Unamuno in 1982. He taught Spanish in the universities of Ulster , Hull and Strathclyde before taking up the Musgrave Chair in Hispanic Studies at Queen’s in 1991.

His principal research interests lie in theatre, and the theory and practice of literary translation. He is committed to the idea of practice as research, both in terms of performance and of translation as a writing practice, and much of his work deals with the ways in which theory and practice are mutually illuminating. 

He is co-director of the Queen’s-based research forum Betwixt and Between: Translation and Cultural Encounter, which holds an international conference and various symposia every year.  Betwixt and Between III will be held in collaboration with the American University of Sharjah, in Dubai , in November 2007, while the symposium on Translation: Process and Performance (co-organised with King’s College, London ) takes place at the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies of the University of London in the same month.  Betwixt and Between IV, on The Recognition of Difference, returns to Belfast in April 2008.

He is a multi-award winning translator for the stage, and has written versions of over thirty plays from Spain , Latin America , Portugal and France for professional performance around the world.  Fifteen of these translations have been published.  He was one of the pioneers of the ground-breaking Spanish Golden Age season at London ’s Gate Theatre in the early 1990s, where he won The Observer Special Award for Achievement in Theatre and London Weekend Television’s New Plays on Stage Award. Most recently he was commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company to write a translation of Lope de Vega’s El perro del hortelano, the third time he has been commissioned by the RSC, he has worked closely with the Royal Court ’s International Department, and he has had work performed on both television and radio. He is also a commissioned writer for the Atelier Européen de la Traduction (Université d’Orléans), with whom he maintains a close collaborative relationship.

He is currently working on two projects that emerge from his practice: the ways in which translation and performance as re-creative practices may be considered as examples of cultural memory in the present, and the mimetic strategies employed by translators in order to ensure the performability of their new texts. See also details on   'Spanish and Spanish Theatre in Translation: A Virtual Environment for Research and Practice' .