Adelaide de Jesus Damas Brazão Cabete

25/01/1867 - 14/09/1935



Nationality : Portuguese

The Portuguese suffragist Adelaide Cabete is known for her Utopian vision not only in the struggle for women’s rights, but also in the fight for abolitionism and the defence of animal rights. As President of the National Council of Portuguese Women and an obstetrician, she fought for women’s right to one month of maternity leave (1912) as well as the right to vote (1933), becoming the first Portuguese woman to vote in the Portuguese constitution, in Luanda, the city she was living in at the time.



At some point during the last decade of the 19th century, Adelaide Cabete married Manuel Fernandes Cabete, a Republican and sympathiser of the feminist cause. He treated her as his equal, encouraging her to pursue her studies in medicine. In 1900, she graduated from the Escola Médico-Cirúrgica with a thesis on the need to protect poor pregnant women as a way to promote the physical development of future generations.

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