2-3 June

de Letras
do Porto
Transcending Oppositions in

Scottish Culture: A Symposium

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Faculdade de Letras - Universidade do Porto

The proceedings will take place in the Meeting Room (Faculty of Letters main building, 2nd floor).


2 June

9.00h – Registration

9.30h-9.45h – Opening session

9.45h-11.00h – Keynote address

Murray Pittock (University of Glasgow, UK)

“Being British: Decline or Denial?”

Chair: Rui Carvalho Homem

11.00h-11.15h – Coffee break

11.15h-12.45h – Panel 1:

Issues of identity, past and present: the politics of nationhood

Chair: María Jesús Lorenzo Modia

Robert Wirth (University of Paderborn, Germany), “Nostalgia: The Elephant in the Room of the Scottish Independence Debate”

Wojciech Nowicki (State Higher School of Vocational Education, Zamość, Poland), “Reports from a Dismembered Kingdom: Poland in The Scotsman after the November Rising”

Miasol Eguíbar Holgado (University of Oviedo, Spain), “A Genealogy of Oppositions Chases Scottishness to the Other Side of the Atlantic”

12.45h-14.30h – Lunch break

14.30h-16.00h – Panel 2:

Literature and national identity (I)

Chair: Wojciech Nowicki

María Jesús Lorenzo Modia (University of Coruña, Spain), “Mary Brunton and the Scottish Literary Canon”

Irene González Sampedro (University of Oviedo, Spain), “Looking for the Possible Dance (1993) or How to Search for a Way Out: A. L. Kennedy’s Identitarian Subversion”

Monika Rajtak (State Higher School of Vocational Education, Zamość / Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland), “(Inter)Nationalism in A. L. Kennedy’s Fiction”

16.00h-16.15h – Coffee break

16.15h-17.45h – Panel 3:

Literature and national identity (II)

Chair: Aniela Korzeniowska

Monika Szuba (University of Gdańsk, Poland), “Another World Is Possible: Dissidence, Dwelling, and Pleroma in John Burnside’s Poetry”

Tuğba Şabanoğlu (Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey), “Roots and Echoes: Abjection and Liminality in Kate Atkinson’s Emotionally Weird

Ingibjörg Ágústsdóttir (University of Iceland), “The Twenty-First Century Scottish Historical Novel and the 2014 Referendum”

20.00h – Conference dinner

(by registration)

Casa da Música

3 June

9.30h-11.00h – Panel 4:

Scotland and the legacy of Walter Scott (I)

Chair: Maeve Adams

Miguel Alarcão (The New University of Lisbon, Portugal), “There was a Writer, a Scottish Writer: Transcending Oppositions in Scott’s Ivanhoe (1819)”

Eugenio-Enrique Cortés-Ramírez (University of Castilla – La Mancha, Spain), “Waverley’s Successful Concordia: The Overcome of Jacobin Disputes in the Early 19th Century”

Jorge Bastos da Silva (University of Porto, Portugal), “The Veiled Subject in Walter Scott”

11.00h-11.15h – Coffee break

11.15h-12.45h – Panel 5:

Scotland and the legacy of Walter Scott (II)

Chair: Miguel Alarcão

Maeve Adams (Manhattan College, USA), “‘The Force of my Narrative’: Persuasion, Nation and Paratext in Walter Scott’s Waverley Novels”

Carmen Gonçalves (Colégio da Rainha Santa Isabel, Portugal), “Identity Games – A Hidden Agenda in Selected Paratexts of Walter Scott”

Aniela Korzeniowska (University of Warsaw, Poland), “Sir Walter Scott and Hugh MacDiarmid: Two Exceptional Literary Figures and their Views in Reference to the Union with England”

12.45h-14.30h – Lunch break

14.30h-15.45h – Keynote address

Luísa Leal de Faria (The Catholic University of Portugal)

“The Oak whose Acorns Have Sown a Forest: Thomas Carlyle on John Knox, Robert Burns, Walter Scott and how the Past May Inspire the Future”

Chair: Jorge Bastos da Silva

15.45h-16.00h – Coffee break

16.00h-17.00h – Panel 6:

Mimesis and anti-mimesis in Scottish literature

Chair: Zofia Kolbuszewska

Cândida Zamith Silva (University of Porto, Portugal), “Transcending all Boundaries: George MacDonald and Scotland’s Fantasy Literature”

Katarzyna Pisarska (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland), “The Totalitarian Visions and Otherworldly Fantasies of Ruthven Todd”

17.00h-17.15h – Coffee break

17.15h-18.15h – Panel 7:

Scotland on stage and screen

Chair: Katarzyna Pisarska

Zofia Kolbuszewska (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland), “Wojciech Jerzy Has’s Adaptation of James Hogg’s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner: A Neobaroque Cinematic Perspective on a Gothic Text”

Sofia de Melo Araújo (University of Porto, Portugal), “‘State-ay-the-art piece’: A Reading of Gregory Burke’s Black Watch

18.15h – Closing remarks