Maria Aline Salgueiro Seabra Ferreira

Affiliation University of Aveiro


Maria Aline Ferreira did her First Degree, in English and German, at the University of Oporto, and completed her PhD at the University of London (Birkbeck College) in 1988, with a Thesis on D. H. Lawrence and E. M. Forster. She has been teaching since 1987 at the University of Aveiro, where she has been an Associate Professor since 1996. Her courses include British Literature of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, Cultural Studies, Literature and Science and Utopian Studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, including PhD courses. Her main areas of academic interest include women's studies, interart and intermedial studies, in particular the intersections between literature and science as well as literature and the visual arts, psychoanalysis and utopian studies. Her book I Am the Other: Literary Negotiations of Human Cloning was published by Greenwood Press in 2005. Recent publications comprise articles on feminist utopias, eugenics, biotechnological dystopias and bio art. She is now working on a book provisionally entitled: The Sexual Politics of the Artificial Womb: Fictional and Visual Representations.


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