Our project will promote two editions of the Literature Contest “Alimentation and Future” (short story modality). The first edition will run until September 2017 and the second edition will run until September 2018.

As alimentation is inseparable from human experience, it inspires our creativity and imagination for the elaboration of stories of the challenges derived from our diet habits, both in the present and the future. Imagining meals is thinking about what may stay the same and what may have changed, about what humans would eat and drink, when and how they will eat, where and with whom they are going to share meals, how and who will prepare them and serve them, as well as what will happen to leftovers and which would be the biological and psychological consequences of these health habits. Also, imagining if the ecological and sustainable practices of resources will be present in the projection of what would assure the survival and development of the human species, only possible from the adoption of politics of an active community. Utopian thinking, applied to stories of alternative future societies, provides a critical perspective towards local and global issues of our time. Utopian fiction, as well as science fiction, have been a source of expression for positive strategies for the creation of a better world.

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