The ALIMENTOPIA Team aim to discuss and disseminate the research results by organising and taking part in workshops, seminars, and national and international conferences. Have a look at our events.  





Series of Workshops at the Professional Association of Nutricionists, Portugal

Team: Rute Costa (NOVA Univ.), Raquel Silva (NOVA Univ.), Pedro Moreira (U.Porto)

Guests: Alexandra bento (Consultant and President of the Association), Tânia Cordeiro, Ana Frias





Routes towards Sustainability | International Conference (Santiago-Chile, 10 December)

Team: Fátima Vieira (U.Porto)

Individual Paper


Series of Workshops: Alimentando o Outono

Team: Maria Teresa Castilho (U.Porto), João Santos (U.Porto), Maria Luísa Malato (U.Porto), Sofia Melo Araújo (U.Porto)

Guests: Maria João Padrão (Psicologist), José Pedro Lima Reis (Nutritionist), Isabel Margarida Duarte (Linguistic)

Workshops, Roundtables

Photos: Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3


Paredes de Coura Vegetariana | International Congress (Paredes de Coura, 21-23 September)

Team: Fátima Vieira (U.Porto), Joana Caetano (U.Porto)

Collaborative Paper, Exhibition 



19th International Conference of the Utopian Studies Society, Europe (Tarragona, 9-12 July)

Team: Maria Luísa Malato (U.Porto), Marinela Freitas (U.Porto), Joana Caetano (U.Porto), João Santos (U.Porto), Teresa Botelho (NOVA Univ.), Aline Ferreira (Aveiro Univ.), José Eduardo Reis (UTAD)

Roundtable, Individual Papers



Young Researchers Day (FLUP, June 26)

Team: Patrícia Oliveira & M.J. Sousa Oliveira (Project ALIMENTOPIA’s trainees)




Workshop on Food and Migration (Faculty of Arts and Humanities U.Porto, 16 June)

Team: Ana Paula Coutinho (U.Porto), Marta Correia (U.Porto) 



Thinking and building the social and the ecological transition – can we teach Utopia? (Porto, 6 June)

Team: Fátima Vieira (U.Porto)

Individual Paper


39th Conference of the Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies (Évora, 26-28 April)

Team: Maria Teresa Castilho (U.Porto), Jorge Bastos da Silva (U.Porto), José Eduardo Reis (UTAD), Sofia Melo Araújo (U.Porto), Iolanda Ramos (NOVA Univ.), Miguel Ramalhete Gomes (U.Porto), Katarzyna Pisarska

Roundtable and individual papers






Experiencing Food: Designing Dialogues | 1st International Food Design and Food Studies Conference (Lisbon, 19-21 October)

Team: Fátima Vieira (U.Porto), Joana Caetano (U.Porto), José Eduardo Reis (UTAD)

Papers and Exhibition




Team: Teresa Botelho (NOVA Univ.), Jorge Bastos da Silva (U.Porto), Katarzyna Pisarska

Individual Papers


Sci-Fi Lx (Lisbon, 15-16 July)  

Team: Fátima Vieira (U.Porto), Joana Caetano (U.Porto), Teresa Botelho (NOVA Univ.), Luís Filipe Silva (Project consultant), João Barreiros (Project Consultant)




18th International Conference of the Utopian Studies Society (Gdansk, 5-8 July)

Team: José Eduardo Reis (UTAD)

Individual Paper


 APEAA Annual Conference

Team: Fátima Vieira (U.Porto), Maria Teresa Castilho (U.Porto), José Eduardo Reis (UTAD), Miguel Ramalhete Gomes (U.Porto), Iolanda Ramos (NOVA-Univ.), Sofia Melo Araújo (U.Porto), Joana Caetano (U.Porto), Aline Ferreira (Univ. Aveiro), Jorge Bastos da Silva (U.Porto)

Roundtable and Individual Papers 


17th Conference of the Utopian Studies Society / Europe | 5-9 July 2016

500 Years of Utopias: Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia

The first great landmark of our project was the annual meeting of the Utopian Studies Society Europe organized in Portugal by CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-American Studies). Throughout the five days of congress, the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University NOVA of Lisboa welcomed more than a hundred academics of the area of Utopian Studies and also witnessed the official launching of our project with the participation of several members in billboard spaces dedicated to the topic Utopia and Alimentation.

Access the programme and the photos of the event.

Congresso EurSAFE 2016 | Food Futures: Ethics, Science and Culture

The International Congress EurSAFE 2016, organized by i3S (Institute for Research and Innovation in Health) in partnership with CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation, and Anglo-American Studies) from the University of Porto, was held in the Faculty of Letras of the University of Porto, from September, 28th to October, 1st.

Given the variety of implications the "food problem" entails, the construction of an inclusive society must redirect the concerns about food in the present to the imagination of future alternatives. The search for innovative solutions calls for multidisciplinary critical enquiry - and utopian thinking will be instrumental in that regard.

Have a look at the photos of the event by clicking on the picture below!