For the purpose of the dissemination of the results of our research we focused on the publication of scientific articles both individual and collaborative in newspapers specialized in different areas of knowledge, as well as the elaboration of two books: an annotated anthology of utopian, dystopian and science fiction texts and a collection of critical texts.


The Série ALIMENTOPIA, published by U.Porto Press as part of Coleção Transversal, aims to contribute to the creation of a history of literature and culture focused on how societies produce, distribute and prepare food, taking into account, for the critical reflection on the present and the future, indicators of inclusion, development, and sustainability, at different levels.The following titles are part of Série ALIMENTOPIA:

E se…? Narrativas especulativas sobre alimentação e sociedade – uma Antologia

Utopian Foodways: Critical Essays

Os vegetarianos utópicos de há 100 anos. Identidade, alimentação e saúde no periódico O Vegetariano (1909-1935).

Os Médicos de O Vegetariano

A Mulher e o Pacifismo: Representações no Mensário O Vegetariano

Reversed Food Chains: Humanity, Monstrosity and an Evolutionary Utopia in Colin Wilson’s Spider World Novels

Despojos da Noite, Ração do Dia

Um Gosto a Céu no Lago do Breu

Herr Prosit Lê o Cardápio

História Autêntica do Planeta Marte

Mesas Migrantes: Projetos de Alimentopia

You may find the anthologies and monographies here.

Comparative Literature Journal, N.º 39

Intersexualities in Question

Critical reviews written by José Eduardo Reis, Maria Luísa Malato, Joana Caetano, João Castro Santos, Sofia de Melo Araújo, Iolanda Ramos, Jorge Bastos da Silva, Maria Teresa Castilho.

December 2018

Comparative Literature Journal, N.º 36

Utopia and Food

José Eduardo Reis, M.Fátima Vieira (ed.)

June 2017

Food Futures: Ethics, Science and Culture

Book of Proceedings

Olsson, I. Anna S., Sofia M. Araújo, M. Fátima Vieira (ed.)

Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2016