RULe (Responsible Utopian Leadership)

RULe (Responsible Utopian Leadership): this field of action aims to foster innovative creative solutions and utopian thinking by engaging university students to contribute to a collaborative case study: the activity of the Portuguese Vegetarian Society. Founded in Porto in 1911, it had over 3,000 members by 1914 and died out in the 1930s. As the society published utopian texts evincing implications of what one eats, a research team integrating undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences (U.Porto) takes it as a case study, doing research in libraries and archives, and applying the Utopian Questions to this material. The multi-skilled team of the Project offers students a cross-disciplinary learning environment, inspiring them to a prospective and holistic view of the problems and to a collaborative search for innovative solutions, thus training them for future responsible leadership. This field of action is thus fully aligned with Health 2020, the European policy for health and well-being, which calls for training in leadership and participatory governance.

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